Painting your home can be a burdensome task if you have ever tried doing it without any previous training or experience. There are many issues involved that generally require the expertise of a professional. In many cases, people who try to do this on their own, end up spending more money than they expected in the beginning and have to call a professional to finish the job. 

If you are living in the Houston area and you are looking to paint your home, here is a list of steps to help you get started without the hassle of doing it yourself:

  1. Find a reliable home painter near your area.
  2. Get a quote according to the areas to be painted.
  3. Consider other home upgrades like installing hardwood floors, tin ceilings, and doing electrical maintenance.
  4. Ask for the estimated time of completion so you can plan in advance your schedule.
  5. Ask your home painting professional for any pre-job in-house requirements. 
  6. Pick your colors rigorously.  

Tips for picking colors for your home:

  • Use muted tones between the different rooms (no need to use the same color or palettes) which in the end blend better.
  • Research on Colour Psychology, since colors have an influence on emotions, it is a good idea to do some previous research on this field according to the different functionalities of your home areas.
  • Ceilings not necessarily have to be white, you can achieve the same effect by painting them of a lighter shade of the color of the walls.
  • Explore other decoration options like an accent wall. An accent wall is an interior wall that differs in design from the rest of the other walls of the room. An accent wall can break the room patterns delivering exciting contrasts in the interiors.
  • Use the Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap® Color Selection System App.

to get a better idea of how your home will look like after the job is done


At Home Painters near Houston, we recommend all these steps to get the most out of your home painting experience. We apply advanced technology by Sherwin-Williams to determine which is the best combination of colors for your home.


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